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“During the early years of the nation, as settlers moved west, the federal government supported assimilation and recognized that Indians’ legal right to possess and occupy land; consequently the government made treaties wherein the Indians relinquished their land titles or claims and agreed to live in peace in close proximity to the whites.” – Hoopes, L.C (1975)

Redwood Creek, Humboldt County, California
Hearst Museum Portal Museum Number 15-3297
Charlie Moon Sr.

Minnie Tom and Charlie Moon, Sr.

Minnie Tom was born to Redwood Tom, but better known as Doctor Tom and Mary, April 1870 in Redwood Creek, California. She had nine children with Charlie Moon Sr. The nine children were:

  • Mr. William Moon (Mrs. Agnes Harris-Moon)
  • Mr. James Moon Sr. (Mrs. Eliza Lowery-Moon)
  • Mr. Mike H. Moon (Mrs. Dora Todi- Moon)
  • Mr. John Abe Moon
  • Mrs. Bessie Moon – Latham (Mr. Wesley Latham)
  • Mr. Charles Moon Jr. ( Mrs. Myrtle Elizabeth Nixon-Moon)
  • Mrs. Ada May Moon – Atkins ( Mr. Tony H. Adkins)
  • Mr. Robert Peter Moon (Mrs. Della Virginia (Wa-ki-shin-e) Mcclellan)
  • Mrs. Nellie Moon – Baldy (Mr. Maynard Baldy)

World War I and II Draft Enlistment and Service

Nearly all the Moon Men were drafted for World War I and II..