Community and Collaboration

There are multiple ways in which you, or your organization can collaborate with Moon Creek Corporation. We as a family of over two hundred individuals have dedicated our lives to environmental conservation, fish restoration, community healthcare, academia, religious and spiritual study and military service. This is just to name a few, there are many talented and skilled Moon descendants.

Since the beginning of time, the Minnie Tom and Charlie Moon Sr. family have contributed to Humboldt County in ways that were never given to them. Through government sponsored genocide, rape, racism, slavery, Indian removal, boarding schools and systematic murder; our family continues to be here. Resilient like the redwoods, we stand. And just like the redwood tree, we our familial roots span in all directions.

How to support the Moon Creek Corporation:

  • Direct donation to Moon Creek Corporation at Coast Central Credit Union. You can call: (707)445-8801
  • Request that Moon Creek Corporation receive tribal consultation from both the Federal Government and State of California.
  • Advocate for federal and state sponsored reparations to descendants of Redwood Creek.
  • If you own land in the Redwood Creek Watershed and want to help Moon Creek Corporation, you can email:
  • If you want to sponsored education, workforce development, training, or learn more; please reach out.